Use GPG to encrypt your communications. Please!

I’m really cross about the current state of surveillance as drawn to our attention by Edward Snowden. As a UK citizen, I don’t feel the US government have any right to my data, nor do I believe that any other government including my own should be reading my email or private messages without permission. And it should have to fight damn hard through the courts to get that permission.

There’s been enough said about this elsewhere, although I’m surprised that more people – particularly people who would describe themselves as ‘techies’ like myself – are not completely up in arms about the revelations that have been made. (I guess we’ve all assumed that something was going on, but found it easy to ignore without evidence.) As someone who has been on the internet since its inception, it’s galling that it has come to this.

I’ve also been blindly calling for all people to encrypt all their personal communication for decades, without success – mostly due to laziness and lack of decent, user-friendly tools. Admittedly, I usually also do this drunkenly in pubs, which does not always provide the best audience. Nevertheless, the more encrypted traffic is out there, the more privacy we all have, as an encrypted email becomes less of a suspicious marker for interested parties.

I have recently rekindled my desire for this to happen, so have prepared a page on configuring Windows and Chrome to do encryption with a smallish amount of work.

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