Archive: September, 2012

Electric Sheep in HD

I’m a big fan of the Electric Sheep project by Scott Draves, and after buying a nice, new 1080p telly I decided I’d like to display it in full HD to mesmerise guests when I’m not watching anything.

The following is a 2-hour looping video of the 256 most-voted sheep on the sheep server rendered in Full HD.

More details and a torrent for a high quality mkv version or burnable blu-ray iso below.

You’ll want to watch this full screen, in 1080p. Ideally whilst playing some music.

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Attempt Seven

About once every two years I get some short-lived enthusiasm to maintain a blog. Usually when I have a single moderately-interesting thing to post. At which point, I’ll set up a new site, post a couple of things, and then leave it languishing unloved until such a time as I take it down again due to all the spam. Probably about a year later.

This is the start of the next cycle.